The rationale behind the EcEBD curriculum is that it should be suitable for use in a variety of European dental curricula. Besides integrating state of the art insights and being coherent, it should therefore be highly flexible and scalable.


The modular construction fits a large variety of ECB curriculum programs; we provide packages that can be adjusted and implemented to fit local circumstances and can/ should be part of blended learning.


The same course format can be used for different levels through use of examples and information that vary in complexity.


The whole process of EBD is taught at once so that the use and value and interconnectedness of separate topics becomes apparent and students become familiar with using EBD as part of their professional practice/attitude.

Integrating new insights

Its focus is on how EBD implementation can improve care and care planning by ‘mapping’ care options with corresponding uncertainties through integrating patient info, evidence, knowledge, experience, expertise.